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Spas & Hot Tubs

Freeflow Spas (H2)

Freeflow Hot Tubs / Spas offers the best combination of features and price of any hot tub brand on the market today. Utilizing an advanced manufacturing method that slashes costs while incorporating many of the same features found in the most expensive spa brands such as ozone, waterfalls, lighting effects and more, makes Freeflow the perfect choice.

Beyond easy setup, a Freeflow spa is easy to maintain. It’s constructed of technologically advanced polymers. The unicast shell is beautiful and virtually impervious to the elements.
Freeflow Spas delivers the ultimate in durability, portability, and relaxation. Experience the Freeflow difference today, and for years to come.​

Spa covers (H2)

We offer only the highest quality spa covers for any size hot tub in 1 lb. or 2 lb foam and in various color choices. Call for details on ordering your cover.

Cover lifts and cover protection

Steps (H2)

Freeflow: (H2) 

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